Your first Vegan Thanksgiving?

I still remember my first one! It was totally unplanned and the pressure was on. And…. it was a huge success! Now, we’re going into my 4th Compassionate Thanksgiving, so I guess you can call me a pro. Here are tips to get you there too!

Anyone who’s been around me at all during this time of the year knows one thing about me for sure. Thanksgiving is by far my most favorite holiday. Period. I love it more than Christmas (though this may change with my first Xmas as a mommy fast approaching). I love it way more than my birthday. I even love it more than the ultimate BBQ Holiday, Independence day.

If you’ve recently become vegan or are considering it, don’t let the Holiday season discourage you or get you down. It’s totally possible to indulge in all of your fall fixings without any of the guilt and cruelty attached to it. You CAN have a compassionate AND delicious Holiday experience.

Tip #1: I can’t convey enough is that most things are possible through substitution. I found that a lot of my Thanksgiving faves, which for a lot of us are the sides, were totally doable by just switching out animal-based ingredients for plant-based ones. I’m referring to your butters, your milks, your eggs.

Tip #2: There are so many things available on the market now. Like the Holiday Tofurky. I get mine at whole foods, dress it up with my homemade stuffing, and place a big ass bowl of gravy beside it. Get. Into. It!

Tip #3: Start a Pinterest board. Type vegan before any of your favorite dishes. You will be so surprised how many things come up! The internet is just dripping with wonderful recipes just waiting to be discovered!

To help you on your way, in the coming days, I personally will be sharing some of my own Holiday recipes as well as my Thanksgiving menu. This is exclusive ONLY to my email subscribers! So be sure to subscribe right away and tell your friends too!

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