Porsche Thomas is a Brooklyn-born multi-hyphenate.  She’s had a long career in modeling, including print, runway, and commercial,  which has allowed her to grace the catwalks of Vogue and Miami Swim Week, appear in ads for brands such as Cantu, Dark and Lovely, Black Radiance, and JC Penny, and act in commercials for companies like Lexus, Nikon, and T-Mobile. 

Porsche’s time on the silver screen wasn’t limited just to commercials.  She’s also had her own CLEO TV cooking show, New Soul Kitchen where she served as a co-host.  On it, she would whip up easy, family-friendly Vegan meals.  Porsche has been a massive advocacy voice in the plant-based space by offering a vegan how-to course, partnering with numerous vegan brands as an influencer, and working as a celebrity chef for people like Russell Simmons and Ed Weeks.

She’s also had opportunities to showcase her writing as a writer on projects like her own Web Series Hungry for All Def Digital and, more recently, a Nike youtube web Series Put You On.  Now a twin mom to August and Berlin, who portrayed baby Devante on the hit ABC series Black-ish, Porsche is working on the first of a children’s book series based on her boys.