Looking for covid-friendly Halloween plans?

Halloween is fast approaching, and some of us are wondering, are we trick-or-treating or Nah?  The fact is, we are still in the throes of a global pandemic, and it’s likely still a high risk to partake in the usual holiday activity, especially with young children still unable to get the jab.  So what can we do to satisfy our need for spooky fun?  I have a couple of ideas.


Visit a Pumpkin Patch


Outdoor fun still seems to be the recommended form of safer fun, so plan a day out with the family to pick out pumpkins.  Make it an event, dress up, take cute photos and create more memories together. 


Enjoy a fun Pumpkin Carving Night-in with the fam


Make an event out of pumpkin carving once your family has found the perfect pumpkin(s).  Play spooky music, enjoy spooky treats.  If you don’t usually decorate, this might be the time to start.  If you typically don’t use the entire pumpkin, this might be the time to learn how to turn pumpkin pulp into pumpkin pie or bread or get those seeds roasting as a snack.  Pumpkin spice some cider.  After all, it is pumpkin season, and creating a jack-o-lantern has to be more fun when sipping on a hot and homemade beverage with your family.



Create a spooky Scavenger Hunt with your pod


 Are you worried about your children missing out on getting their candy fix from strangers and having to work for it?  Create a scavenger hunt in your home?  Hide the candy and create clues for your LO’s to discover it.  If you have a pod of friends with who you feel safe, have some friends over to enjoy the fun too.  Costumes are mandatory.  


Shoot a short spooky film on your iPhone with the family


Dress up on those silly costumes you’ve been planning on wearing all year, grab your iPhone and create a silly movie!  This will allow your LO’s to flex their creative muscles and your family to practice teamwork.  Plus, it makes for great social media content.  A 60-second reel is more than enough, and what an excellent memento for when your child is older.


Host a zoom costume party with your LO’s friends


Your little one down about not getting to show off their costumes?  Most of your children are back to in-person learning, but what about those friends outside of school?  Schedule a zoom costume party if you and your friends are still uneasy about putting all the children together.  Set up a cute snack table next to the computer and make it feel like a real party.  Install a fun spooky zoom wallpaper background to make it funnier.  Create a spooky cocktail for the parents to get in on it.  



Enjoy a Halloween Themes Movie Night


A quiet night with pizza delivery, spooky snacks, decorations, and a fun, age-appropriate Halloween movie is always a great idea.  Fill that plastic pumpkin with candy and throw all sugar rules out the window for the night.  


The pandemic still wages on, but we can still create fun within our bubbles for our littles.  If this pandemic has done anything, it reminded us that all of our basic needs involve those we love and our community. It also forced us to have a sense of resourcefulness.  Even if we are not ready to interact in person, we can still connect in so many ways.

If you and your family decide to brave outside and enjoy a more traditional Halloween, always remember to do so safely.  Social distance, keep hands washed and sanitized, and mask up.

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