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Simply Vegan- Online Course

I’ve created a three-part online course guiding you on your vegan journey and I’ve made it as simple as possible.

Simply Vegan is a simple resource where you can learn all the basics of incorporating a vegan diet into your lifestyle without the anxiety and confusion that comes with all of the conflicting information out there. If you’ve already made the decision to go vegan, this course will help you do it with ease.

It’s been my mission to help people like you go vegan, without having to give up many of the foods and flavors you love.

Porsche Cooks Vegan- Vegan Cookbook

I’ve written a cookbook that consists of all of MY favorite recipes.  It’s my motto to only cook food that I personally want to eat. 

I understand how much emotion and memories are connected to the meals we have loved and enjoyed growing up, and my book is the greatest insight into my experience, which I hope connects with yours.

Enjoy my favorite soul-connecting recipes along with a forward about understanding how to get proper nutrition in a vegan diet.