Porsche Thomas

Porsche Thomas is a twin-mom, writer, vegan chef, and social media influencer.  She was born in Brooklyn, New York, to a Trinidadian mother and Jamaican father who is famously reality TV villain Peter Thomas of the Real Housewives of Atlanta.

Beginning her career in Marketing at VH1, Porsche was able to cultivate relationships within the entertainment industry and used these relationships as a launchpad for a move from New York City to Los Angeles in 2008.  She spent the next several years working as a model and actress during her days and writing and performing stand-up comedy at night.

Porsche eventually found herself turning a hobby into a business shifting towards cooking vegan soul food, and becoming Russell Simmons’ personal chef.  This path led her to discover her passion for sharing the message about the attainability of a vegan diet to urban communities who felt discouraged in their ability to successfully maintain such a diet.  

Now thirty-seven, divorced and a single mom to twin-boys August and Berlin (who happen to be Baby Devante of the hit show Black-ish), Porsche is feeling more creative and motivated than ever.  She co-hosted her on-air cooking show New Soul Kitchen on Cleo TV, self-published a vegan cookbook and created an online vegan course to help guide users toward a sustainable, enjoyable and encouraged vegan journey.

Porsche is now spending her time focusing on honoring that creative spark that lives so deeply within her to discover her next journey.